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Copperhead is a project to bring data parallelism to Python. We define a small functional, data parallel subset of Python, which we then dynamically compile and execute on parallel platforms. Currently, we target NVIDIA GPUs, as well as multicore CPUs through OpenMP and Threading Building Blocks (TBB).

Copperhead is a project of NVIDIA Research.


Here’s a simple Copperhead program:

from copperhead import *
import numpy as np

def axpy(a, x, y):
  return [a * xi + yi for xi, yi in zip(x, y)]

x = np.arange(100, dtype=np.float64)
y = np.arange(100, dtype=np.float64)

with places.gpu0:
  gpu = axpy(2.0, x, y)

with places.openmp:
  cpu = axpy(2.0, x, y)

In this example, when axpy is called, the Copperhead runtime intercepts the call and compiles the function to CUDA and OpenMP, respectively. It also converts the input arguments to cuarray objects managed by the runtime, which are lazily copied to and from heterogeneous memory spaces as needed. The programmer specifies the execution place explicitly. Compilation is cached to minimize runtime overhead.


You can download the source here:


The primary contributors to Copperhead are Bryan Catanzaro and Michael Garland.